Our Story

Meet the Nomad Newlyweds

Inspiration and action are not common. When we first told our friends and family that we were selling everything and moving to Europe, many had the same questions:

  1. Where are you going to live?
  2. Did you get a job over in Europe? How will you make money?
  3. Aren’t you having kids now that you are married?
  4. When will you be back? Should I expect you for dinner soon?

Natural questions for sure. Here are the short answers:

  1. Wherever we are able to live our lifestyle, and that we enjoy.
  2. No, there is this neat thing called the internet that allows you to make money. We run online businesses.
  3. That’s a tough one to answer. “Eventually” is all we will say for now!
  4. Who knows when/if we will be back. Don’t set a spot at the dinner table for us.

Most people play their part in this lifetime and settle for what is expected of them. Everyone is different in what they want out of life.

Perhaps you are the type of person that is perfectly comfortable waking up, going to work, coming home and going to bed. And then doing it all again the next day. And the next. Finally, a reward comes in the form of two weeks of freedom to some tropical destination.

Perhaps you like a molded life that western society has espoused: get married, have kids, buy a nice car and then a house with a white picket fence. In that case, by all means live vicariously through websites like the Nomad Newlyweds and see the world through our eyes.

Just don’t find yourself waking up in 35 years and saying, “Wow, I sure had a safe and secure life. What happened to all those years and all those dreams I had?”

Sitting on bridge in Florence

Our  5 Point Mission


We aim to inspire you to live an adventurous, travel-filled life today.

Work Abroad

We want to help you to exit the traditional 9-5 work day grind by showing you how to start/acquire a location independent business. You do not have to punch a card everyday nor dread Monday mornings. You can live and work how you have always envisioned.

Honeymoon Experts

As professional honeymooners, we show you amazing both luxury and affordable honeymoon locations and experiences. Although I doubt there will be luxury $100,000 weekly yacht rentals or dining with a sheik and a camel in the desert on our itinerary (maybe on yours) … we do get to see some pretty cool honeymoon hotels, resorts, and places.

Together with our knowledge and passion for weddings, not to mention the fact that we got married ourselves in 2014, we want to guide you down the road to honeymoon bliss.


Its no secret that we both have a passion for good food and wine. Okay, perhaps Andrew has more of an obsession for wine.


Finally, we want to keep in mind one of our ultimate life goals – give back in a meaningful way. We know we won’t be nomads forever, and one day we will settle down to become part of a community. For now we embrace the community we connect with both online and in our daily lives.

Meet Meredith

Meredith Headshot1

She was laid off after a short stint in the insurance industry in late 2013. The day following her release, she started an online wedding veil company. Subsequently, she bought a successful wedding media business (Love & Lavender) and has never looked back.

“While finishing my degree and waiting tables to earn money, I realized that I would never get ahead or live my dreams by working for someone else.”

Still learning to be her own boss and allocate time accordingly, she openly admits to being an avid member of procrastinators anonymous. Meredith loves being able to get up in the morning – a good cup of hot coffee in hand – with Andrew and work hard at bettering their lives. She loves the idea that they have come to Europe to step outside their comfort zones and be open to new opportunities that life may bring.

One of her ultimate goals is to run her own Tuscan Villa B&B. A french chateau would work too. Finally, Meredith has a fascination with Adrian Leeds from House Hunters International, and would love to meet her one day!

Her Perfect Honeymoon:

“I have always loved being on the water. In addition, I love to explore old parts of cities and see the history. So I would say a romantic suite on a luxury cruise that incorporates amazing historical ports of call would be my ultimate honeymoon.”

Meet Andrew

Andrew headshot

He realized a long time ago that he was unemployable. Sure, he had a few office jobs in his day. Heck, he even succumbed to the siren call of working for the government – where unions, pensions, and security abound. For the past 5 and a half years he showed up to collect a pay cheque. It was not the most fulfilling way to spend his time on this earth, and he wanted more.

“I don’t settle in life. After all, it took me the better part of 31 years to find my soul mate. I have taken a lot of risks in my life – tried many avenues and failed. I keep going on my journey because I know I am that much closer to success. I have always known there is more to life, and that I can provide real value to people.”

Currently Andrew spends his time building a wedding empire alongside his beautiful wife. His online start-up (Groomties) keeps him busy. In addition, he is the technical expert and executive assistant (as Meredith likes to call him) for Love & Lavender.

One of his goals is to run a small winery on Meredith’s Tuscan Villa estate.

His Perfect Honeymoon:

“I love the exotic allure of Asia. I also enjoy cruises and would want to incorporate white sand beaches, tours of great wineries, fine dining, and romantic evenings. A suite on a cruise ship leaving from San Fransisco over to Thailand would be awesome! We could explore Napa Valley and parts of Asia together.”

Together they invite you to join them on their journey as Nomad Newlyweds!