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Living Abroad

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

After a long hiatus from Nomad Newlyweds I decided to write a Happy Thanskgiving 2015 from Ireland post. It is becoming a bit of a running joke that I offer my sincere apologies to Heather – super

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Memories of Stony Stratford

Photos from Around Stony Stratford Fitting that the Nomad Newlyweds were able to spend a couple weeks in Stony Stratford – a once important stop on the road to Ireland – before they boarded

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Tea, Cake, and Croquet in Stony Stratford

Nomads may have the best job in the world: walking, chatting, exploring, and taking photographs just for the sake of a warm sunny spring afternoon. You never know what you will stumble upon or who you

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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist

Keep, Give Away, or Sell What do you do when you decide to pack up your life and move to Europe? You sell just about everything on Craigslist! As for the treasures that you just can’t part with,

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List of British Words and Phrases for the Traveler

When traveling in the UK it is always fun to hear different English accents and sometimes even mimic them. Sometimes you can have a conversation with a local whose accent is so thick that you wonder if

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