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Working Abroad

10 Step Guide to House Sitting Around the World

10 Step Guide to House Sitting In this guide to house sitting I will walk you through the basics of how to house sit around the world. Drawing on real house sitting experiences, I present a 10 step process

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Vacation vs Travel + How to stay in a Palace for Free

The Definition of Vacation vs Travel Lifestyle The terms vacation and travel are two distinct terms. Many people have wrongly assumed that Meredith and I are on an extended vacation. Not so much. A vacation

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Sometimes you need a Portuguese Mall Food Court Workspace

Meredith and I are roughing it for a few weeks while we are between house sits. We flew to Faro, Portugal and have been inhabiting a well situated studio apartment in Portimao, located a short 5 minute

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The Future of Nomad Newlyweds

When Meredith and I first came up with the idea for Nomad Newlyweds we had an optimistic plan. More than just another way to stay in touch with family/friends and let them know what we are up to –

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What it Means to Live a Mobile Creative Lifestyle

Mobile Creative. Sounds like some kind of iPhone artist app, doesn’t it? If you haven’t heard this term before, you are not alone. I will attempt to describe what it means to live a Mobile

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