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Home in Carrick-On-Shannon

“Time flies when you are having fun.”

Whoever was credited with that quote must have traveled in Ireland. I now fully understand the meaning of this oft repeated phrase, which is thrown around so freely as an English colloquialism. Many can claim to experience time flying, but my absence from reporting as a Nomad Newlywed is proof that I have indeed been having fun the past two months while time has flown — and not kept up with posting!

As pointed out by one of my friends in Canada:

I check your blog every single day like a stalker freak and it hasn’t been updated in a month, and now I’m all disgruntled!”

Thanks for setting me straight, Heather!

I needed that dose of reality – nothing worse than a disgruntled friend who is trying to live vicariously through you. I would not want to let down anymore of my stalker friends either.

It has been more like two months that this blog has not seen a post. We have an excuse though: Gotta pay the bills by working on our wedding businesses to enable us to travel and report from such far-flung hot spot travel destinations like Carrick-on-Shannon!

Setting up Home in Carrick-on-Shannon

“Welcome to Ireland!” said the smiling red-headed boy from the end of his driveway as we passed his house en route to our hotel in Carrick. Meredith and I both looked at each other with questioning looks, “Did that just happen?”

Google Carrick on Shannon and you will likely see a Wikipedia entry describing a quaint county town in the north of Ireland (County Leitrim) with a population of about 4,000. Any accompanying images that show on your screen will likely include views of the harbor, old stone buildings, and the river Shannon.

Meredith and I have fallen in love with our adopted Irish hometown. The generous people of Carrick, their customs, the Irish language (Gaelic), and even our landlord all add to the charm of living in Ireland. I suppose the only thing that does not add any charm whatsoever is the weather – rain and wind! However, we can’t do anything about the weather, and as we tell the locals, “We are used to it in Vancouver.”

carrick on shannon train station sign
Arrival at the Carrick train station – Gaelic is mandatory on signage
Meredith on Carrick Bridge with suitcase
Meredith hauls her suitcase across the River Shannon
View of Carrick marina from bridge
“Welcome to Ireland!”

Don’t let the jackets in the pictures above fool you. We arrived to an unusually hot and sunny day in Carrick and promptly discarded our warm clothes after hauling heavy suitcases from the train station to the Bush Hotel. No less than three taxi drivers pulled up beside us and asked, “Do you need a hand?”

After much anxiety hunting for an apartment in the bustling real estate market of Carrick, we managed to secure a decent three bedroom house on the outskirts of town – right near the train station! Sitting in my kitchen/office and looking out the patio window, it is evident that the trains in Ireland are quite efficient. The house is simple with all the amenities we need to live comfortably here in Carrick: an attached patio for those brief moments of sunshine, a large fridge to hold the cheap 1 euro beer, and a coal burning fireplace in the living room to snuggle in front and watch Game of Thrones!

A Taste of Carrick

More updates and stories to come about the town of Carrick and its inhabitants. We have met some wonderful people and made a few friends over the past few weeks, 20 or so whom will be joining us to celebrate Canada Day this coming Wednesday at our kitchen party! I would say Canada Day BBQ, but we don’t own a BBQ nor is the weather likely to cooperate long enough to hold an outdoor function in our backyard!

For now, here are a few of my favourite photos from around Carrick-on-Shannon and adventures in the north of Ireland so far:

Castle Island at Lough Key Forest Park
Castle Island at Lough Key Forest Park
Double Rainbow over Carrick
Double Rainbow over Carrick-on-Shannon town
Andrew working outside on patio
Andrew hard at work on patio
Photo shoot for Classic Veils with Fiona
Andrew modelling in photo shoot for Classic Veils
Rainbow with boats in Carrick on Shannon
Carrick on Shannon clock tower with rainbow
Giants Table and Chair at Slieve League
Carrick Marina at dusk

A buffet of rainbows in this part of the country – lots of pots of gold to find!

3 thoughts on “Home in Carrick-On-Shannon”

  1. Hahaha – FINALLY! It looks so cute there! I want to come have a drink on your patio but I’m too poor. Make sure you keep updating so, as you said, I can continue to live vicariously through you. And dammit I will get over there eventually! 🙂

  2. Yay! Finally a proper update! Sounds like everything is going great! I love the new model for Classic Veils! Watch out GQ!! LOL

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