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Mavis Memorial – The Cat Who Began our Slow Travel Adventure

It is with sadness that we learned today of the passing of our beloved Ms. Mavis cat, after Mavis’ owner emailed us late last evening.

Mavis was our very first pet sit in Europe. We were fortunate enough to pet sit Mavis in London on three separate occasions over the past two years. Adding it all up and we spent just shy of 10% of her life with her! No wonder we feel as sad as we do that she has now left us.

Pet sitting is tricky business. Do it long enough and you end up becoming attached to a pet as if they were your own. The animals we care for become part of our extended family and we feel a deep connection both while pet sitting and long after. I wrote a little bit about this topic in a post I did the first time we left Mavis. I feel like I could now write a book on pet sitting loss.

Our hearts go out to our homeowner and family. We consider ourselves so lucky to get to be a part of Mavis’ life. She brought us much joy and happiness. We also want to say a big thank you to our pet owners for all the support and kindness they have shown us over the years!

Memories of Mavis

I’m posting just a few of the hundreds of photos that we took over the years of Mavis to remember her by. Her gentle nature and sweet disposition endeared us to her almost immediately. Luckily, she was not shy when the camera came out, as Meredith loved to take Mave selfies!!

Mavis loved the garden. She was mainly a house cat in her later years, and could often be found sitting on the BBQ or sniffing the flowers. She was fond of curling up on her favorite towel in the living room or office study for a nice cat nap. Always one to provide comfort and companionship, as we got to know Mavis better she even started sleeping on the foot of the bed with us.

Regal and elegant, she was one of the most dainty cats we’ve ever come across. We’ll never forget the famous “Mavis flop” when she wanted a good brushing on the floor. Her back left leg would extend out all the way as she ever so slowly tipped over on her side and rolled onto the floor. It was quite proper and refined!

What a fitting way to resurrect this forgotten travel blog: a memorial to the wonderful cat named Mavis who helped kick off our house sitting adventures around Europe!

Thank you so much – we’ll miss you Mav Mav!

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