Professional Bloggers (Honeymooners) For Hire

You may already know a bit about Meredith and Andrew

… now find out why you should hire them to review your honeymoon/vacation hot spot!

Professional Bloggers Honeymooners For Hire

bloggers for hire - Meredith and Andrew

Yes, that’s right. We like to think of ourselves as professional honeymooners!

Crazy, right?

Can you imagine someone you have never met before introducing themselves at a party and then asking, “And what do you do for a living?”

Our response, “Oh, we are professional honeymooners!” We haven’t tried that line yet, the responses would likely be too bewildering. What does one say as a followup question to that?

A better term might be professional travel bloggers for hire, but that just doesn’t have the same appeal.

We enjoy exploring romantic locations as evidenced by our long list of travel destinations we’ve been:

  • Europe: Italy (Venice, Rome, and Tuscany), France (Bordeaux & Paris), Austria (Innsbruck & Vienna), Spain (Grenada, Madrid, and Barcelona), Greece (Corfu, Athens, and Mykonos), Germany (Frankfurt), Monaco, Ireland, Scotland and more
  • USA: San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Oregon Coast, and many more
  • Asia: Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Bangkok, Hua Hin, and southern Thailand), and Japan

Also, our extensive cruise ship jaunts includes two transatlantic cruises from the Caribbean to Europe, and over 20 separate cruises between us. We absolutely LOVE CRUISING!

Moreover, we recognize that our travel experience and blogging knowledge can be put to good use to provide value for hotels, resorts, or even cruise ships.

How Do We Provide Value?

Our wedding media audience reach along with this growing travel blog allow us to tap into a target market of honeymooners ready to book the trip of a lifetime. The only question is: WHO will they book with?

“We want to help you tell your brand story and be able to explain first hand to our audience why they should honeymoon or vacation with your hotel, B&B, or other amazing accommodation property.”

Why Hire Us

Off season with empty rooms? Great!

Why not offer complimentary accommodation and fill the extra space with experienced bloggers like us? As part of your marketing and online strategy, you can leverage the power of influencers who intimately know (and have the trust of) their audience.

Before we get into the benefits of why you should hire us, we should clarify that you are really sponsoring the Nomad Newlyweds. The term hire usually implies some form of cash payment or other employment situation. In fact, you would offer a sponsored stay whereby we come visit your romantic boutique hotel, B&B, resort, or (our favorite) cruise ship.

Benefits of Hiring the Nomad Newlyweds

  • Our United States based wedding media company (Love & Lavender) is a top 100 wedding blog with traffic of 125,000 pageviews per month;
  • A spotlight article featuring high quality photos of your travel brand featured on Love & Lavender, Nomad Newlyweds, or both;
  • A permanent link to your website (SEO benefits) along with links to any of your social media pages;
  • Real time photo, video, or status updates during our visit broadcast to our 8,500+ Facebook fans and 17,000+ Pinterest followers;
  • Utilize our social media presence on other platforms such as Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon;
  • Potential inclusion on our travel blog for future honeymoon itinerary articles; and
  • Hang out with Meredith and Andrew to discuss travel, honeymooning, weddings, strategic business planning, creative mobile lifestyle, or any other topic!

Our Availability

Our travel schedule is flexible. We currently have availability from March, 2019 onward. We are currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland and enjoy gallivanting around Europe.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to an email from you to discuss how we can work together to meet your brand’s objectives.

Have a fantastic day!

Meredith + Andrew

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