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The Future of Nomad Newlyweds

When Meredith and I first came up with the idea for Nomad Newlyweds we had an optimistic plan. More than just another way to stay in touch with family/friends and let them know what we are up to – Facebook, Skype, and other social networks have that covered off pretty well – we wanted to create a brand extension for Love & Lavender. Our vision was to carve out a niche in the online travel blog market, specifically honeymoons, and leverage our existing wedding audience. That is still the strategic direction and plan, which we are finally getting around to execute.

The reality is that blogging is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort to do well. Photos need to be captured and edited; Post ideas need to be researched, then drafted, edited, and finalized; business relationships with affiliates and sponsors need to be cultivated; along with a whole raft of other activities. It is a business venture more than anything.

Unless you are retired or already have a stash of cash, and don’t need to produce income to survive day-to-day, blogging solely about your personal travel adventures is a sure way to go bankrupt! Not to mention, most blogs written in a personal style are utterly boring and stale.

Granted, both Meredith and I knew ahead of time that running a media company is hard work. After all, our original blog platform in the wedding industry already takes up many of our waking hours. That being said, I still see value in Nomad Newlyweds, as well as an opportunity to expand into a niche travel market.

Which leads me directly to my point: an income producing blog is much different than a personal blog where one simply writes about a hobby or interest. The intent of Nomad Newlyweds was always to produce some sort of income as an extension of Love & Lavender. That requires a strategic shift.

Meredith and I recently started another pet sit in Ireland, this time at a lovely house set outside of a town called Enniscorthy. However, I won’t get into any further details in this post. I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with our new hosts. Suffice to say that I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with our new home owner hosts, one of which is in the hotel industry. He is also well traveled and looking to potentially jump into the blogosphere. We chatted for about an hour about the industry, blogging in general, and his time spent in various hotel capacities. In terms of blogging, we both agreed that:

“It’s okay if your intention is to make money. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as you are providing something of value, go for it!”

Can you make money online? Yes. Many wonderful bloggers that I follow in various niches can attest to that fact. Our paltry income from Love & Lavender is also testament. We aren’t naive enough to think that you can get rich quick – trust me, we’ve been around long enough in this arena to know that there is no such thing as quick riches. It takes a lot of hard work, growing your skill set, and some luck to succeed.

One primary goal is to sustain our post-wedding minimalist lifestyle. Although, hauling 2 gigantic suitcases that seem to grow in size every time we move is a bit exhausting! The good thing is such a nomadic lifestyle dictates that we don’t require much. A life of slow travel, providing honeymoon help, and enjoying day-to-day moments is grand, as they say in Ireland. If we can entertain, inform, and educate our audience then I believe we have done our job and can reach our main goal above.

Focus on Honeymoon Travel

The strategic shift involves several tactics:

  • Personally visiting honeymoon destinations in our travels of Europe in order to showcase them to our readers. Similar to Love & Lavender, the plan is to add blog posts, photos, videos, commentary, and advice on all things honeymoon. Initially our focus will be Ireland – a hotbed of honeymoon activity!
  • An upcoming trip to the Algarve, Portugal should provide an additional opportunity to capture stunning cliff-side venues, hotels, and honeymoon worthy content.
  • Continue to document traveling in Europe, but do so in a much more structured approach. Content will be more formatted in the future in order to provide efficient creation and consumption. It makes sense to model this approach, one that many successful travel blogs also employ.
  • Introduce a Nomad Newlyweds original series. Hush-hush for now, but hoping to launch in the Spring of next year.

Finally, you may notice that we changed WordPress themes. Our newest theme allows for greater functionality and design now and into the future.

If you’ve gotten this far Heather, my apologies for not providing more witty dialogue. Its coming, trust me. I already have some great adventures written in my head from trips over the past few months to Belfast, Galway, Sligo, London, and Paris.

sunroom work space in Enniscorthy


I wish someone would create an instant brain download app for the iPhone in order to dump all the stories onto my laptop. Until then, I will remain in my Irish house sit sunroom and tickle the keys on the keyboard.

All for now,


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