crocus flowers at brockwell park

Brockwell Park at Herne Hill

Meredith came down with a nasty flu virus this week, and I have been diligently nursing her back to good health. I think I lost a few pounds running up and down the two flights of stairs in our London house sit! I realize I never want a job as a butler (without an elevator).

In lieu of a lack of photo opportunities this week, I decided to dig out some photos from a few weeks ago for today’s post.

Brockwell Park

We had been in our house sit for many weeks and failed to explore a gigantic park near our house called Brockwell Park. I feel you only really get to see and experience a city like a local when you either: a) have a home base like we do as Trusted Housesitters, or b) know a local who will give you the inside scoop or a guided tour.

We had passed Brockwell Park many times on the bus on our way to my brother’s house in Clapham, but the view was always obscured by trees. I was surprised to see a vast open park area when we came upon the park during one of our walks around our surrounding neighborhood.

Walk towards the center of the park up a gradual sloping hill and you will find a restored estate house turned cafe called Brockwell Hall. It is a wonderful example of an early 19th century mansion complete with vista views of downtown London and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Old English herbaceous flower garden, 19th century clock tower, and other must-have elements of an old-world gated estate.

Gates to Brockwell Park
crocus bloom at brockwell park

(Above) Purple crocus flowers planted en masse in particular areas of the grounds form a stunning natural border to the walkway path.
(Below) Walled garden where food was grown for the estate in the 19th century

old entrance to walled garden at brockwell park
walled garden at brockwell park
Brockwell Hall

(Above) Brockwell Hall
(Below) 19th Century clock tower in front of Brockwell Hall

clock tower in front of brockwell hall

Brockwell Park at Herne Hill is just one example out of the many wonderful parks that Londoner’s are lucky to have to reconnect with nature and escape the crowded streets. Go for a brisk 20 minute walk, cycle the many pathways or take your dog to run off-leash in the vast grassy space.

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